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List of IELTS Test Centers in Italy with brief details.

Here Listed are the Authorized Test test centers for IELTS in Italy.

IELTS Test Centers in Italy

British Council Milan
IELTS Administrator
via Manzoni 38
Milano, 20121

Contact Information
Tel No: 39 02 77 22 2213
FAX: 39 02 781119
Email: ielts.milan@britishcouncil.it
Website: http://www.britishcouncil.it

British Council Naples
IELTS Administrator
Via F. Crispi 92
Naples, 80121

Contact Information
Tel No: 39 08 166 7410
FAX: 39 08 166 9563
Email: ielts.naples@britishcouncil.it
Website: http://www.britishcouncil.it

British Council Rome
IELTS Administrator
Via IV Fontane 20
Rome, 00184

Contact Information
Tel No: 39 06 478 14 218
FAX: 39 06 487 1070
Email: ielts.rome@britishcouncil.it
Website: http://www2.britishcouncil.org/it/italy-exams-ielts.htm

IELTS Test Centers

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