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The Abroad Education website,, allows study abroad program providers to reach a dynamic audience of prospective study abroad students through a rich array of advertising options including Premium Ad Banner, Ad Boxes, Complete Program Pages and Abroad Education Student Newsletter. Abroad Education users are comprised of students who are serious about studying abroad and are highly likely to enroll in a program. Abroad Education cultivates a unique relationship with these students and their advisors through continual outreach.

Premium Ad Banner

Premium Ad banner provide advertisers with a banner in a top of the website with size 468 X 60 pixel. These Ad banners contain a link directly to the advertiser's website or to the complete program pages.

For more information on Premium Ad Banner,
please call +977-9841432196 or e-mail us:

Ad Boxes

Ad boxes with size 122 X (42 x advertiser's request size) pixel, appearing on the right-hand side of the web pages, may be purchased for specific programs or for an entire institution. These Ad boxes may contain a link directly to the advertiser's website or to the complete program pages.

For more information on Ad Boxes,
please call +977-9841432196 or email:

Complete Program Pages

A Complete Program Page provide a individual pages for the advertisers mentioning all their programs, offers and other details. Link for those pages will be given from the ad banners or ad boxes displayed. The Complete Program Page is an excellent, low-cost option for those who do not have their own website and for large providers who want students to have easy access to all of their programs.

For more information on Complete Program Pages,
please call +977-9841432196 or email:

Abroad Education Student Newsletter

It is the advertising option in the e-mail that is sent by Abroad Education as a newsletter to the students who have subscribed to receive a newsletter of their interest. Your advertisement banner will be placed in the newsletter under this advertisement program.

For more information on ads in the Abroad Education Student Newsletter, please call +977-9841432196 or email:

Customizable Ad Banners

Under this advertising program, customizable ads i.e. ads of any size at any place of the pages of Abroad Education can be placed on request of the advertisers. The prices are not fixed for customizable ad banners and will be fixed upon the agreement between AbroadEducation and Advertisers.

For more information on Complete Program Pages, please call +977-9841432196 or email:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only the recognized advertising agency will be offered a 15% agency commission provided the payment is made on due date. The due date for settlement is 15 days from the date of invoice.
  2. If an advertiser cancels the balance of contracts, he relinquishes any right to the discount to which he was entitled, and advertisements will be belled at the appropriate current rates.
  3. AbroadEducation reserves the right to cancel advertisements at any time upon default in payment.
  4. Payment for the ads should be made by A/C payee cheques or draft issued in favor of AbroadEducation.
  5. The rates, terms and conditions are subject to change with or without the prior notice.
  6. These conditions and all other forms of an advertisement contract shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the legal provision of Nepal. All dispute are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Honorable District Court of Kathmandu only.
  7. All advertisements are accepted subject to AbroadEducation approval.
  8. AbroadEducation reserves the right to omit or suspend any advertisement for good reason, in which case no claim shall be entertained on the part of any advertiser for the damages or breach of contract.
  9. Cancellations or alteration of any advertisement before upload is acceptable only upon prior notice in writing, which should be received at least 1 week in advance to the cover date. In case the notices are received less than 12 hours in advance, 25% of the cost shall be charged to the client.
  10. Advertisement in conflict with public with public interest and against prevailing law will not be accepted. In case of any occurrence beyond the control of AbroadEducation, which prevents AbroadEducation from partially or completely producing or publishing or distributing its publication whatsoever AbroadEducation will have no liability for the failure to execute the advertisement order.

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