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Students are attracted to foreign countries for their higher education. This is because of several reasons. Among the reasons for students going abroad for study, here we'll discuss the most general ones.

Good Education Environment
Students know they'll find good studying environment in developed countries. So to secure their future and to get good education, they want to go abroad for studying.

High Degree Value
When students obtain degree from well renowned universities from abroad, they'll have plus points everywhere from jobs to the society.

Unavailability of course of interest
Many students are found to go abroad for study because no course that suits their desire is available in their home country. So respecting whims, they have to go abroad for study.

High Social Status
After returning home with international degree, a students and his family will be respected in the society, hence students wish to go abroad for study.

Future Job Opportunities
Once students complete their education abroad, they’ll possibly have very high profiled jobs in well known organizations. Priority is always given to those students who have internationally recognized degree.

Increasing the Horizon
When the students go abroad for study, they'll meet many new friends. Students can build many new lifelong relationships. So they're attracted abroad for study.

Earning Money
Students think there are several job opportunities for them available abroad. They think to get involved in these jobs while studying. They've a dream to earn money and they think it can be easily done by working abroad legally or illegally while studying.

Far from family
Though many students regret this point, it is also one of the major reasons for students going abroad for study. Either they go to United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, Germany, or any other nation; they'll have an opportunity to stay far from their family. When they are far from their family, they think they can enjoy a lot. This is because there will be no one abroad examining their activities. They are free to do anything they like, and this is the situation they've always wished to have.

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