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Here is the list of Top Japanese Universities. The name of the Japanese universities are listed alphabetically with the links to their respective websites.

  1. University of Tokyo
  2. Kyoto University
  3. Osaka University
  4. Tokyo Institute of Technology
  5. Tohoku University
  6. Nagoya University
  7. Kyushu University
  8. Hokkaido University
  9. Keio University
  10. Waseda University
  11. Kobe University
  12. University of Tsukuba
  13. Hiroshima University
  14. Chiba University
  15. Showa University
  16. Gunma University
  17. Tokyo Metropolitan University
  18. Gifu University
  19. Yokohama National University
  20. Tokyo University of Science
  21. Osaka City University
  22. Okayama University
  23. Kumamoto University

The universities in Japan are ranked depending upon various factors and resources.

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