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Opportunities for effective and professional managers range across all areas of business, encompassing both the private and public sectors. In a rapidly changing business environment, graduates with specialist knowledge underpinned by a broader understanding of how business and managers operate, will be well placed to success.

The Business and Management degree is the program which provides a comprehensive understanding of the various functions of management, whilst allowing the opportunity to focus student's studies within two specific areas. Student will develop the breath and depth of knowledge that is requisite for managers in the 21st century. The program built on the strength of other broad based business program.

Program Outline
Student will study a wide range of management related subjects, designed to ensure student have a broad foundation and knowledge of management. Student will consider the economic, financial, human and legal issues managers deal with, and the tools and techniques they use. Student will be introduced to the key areas of business. This program allows student to learn how to apply student's knowledge and skills in different context, analyze business environments and to conduct research projects. This program also allows student to deepen student's specialist knowledge through consideration of more complex situation and their management.

Course Guide
The course includes Business Decision Analysis; Economic Environment of Business; English Legal Method and Contract Law; Foundations of Management; Information Technology in Business; International Perspectives; Introduction to Economics; Introduction to Financial Accounting; Introduction to Management Accounting; Introduction to Marketing Management; Organizational Behavior; Principles of Operations Management; Quantitative Techniques; Business Policy; Public Policy and Public Services; Strategic Finance; Business Game; Strategic Management; and Optional Modules.

Career Prospects
With its combination of broad based and specialist knowledge this degree offers a route into general management as well as specialist areas such as accounting, marketing and market research, administration, banking and finance/economics, human resource and operations management. The graduates of this program are very successful in finding employment and in making rapid progress in their chosen careers.

Business Programs:
Accounting for Management (AFM)
Business and Management (BAM)
Business Administration
Business Computing and IT (BCIT)
Economics and Management (EAM)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
International Business and Economics (IBE)
International Business and Modern Languages (IBML)
International Business and Management (IBAM)
Managerial and Administrative Studies (MAS)
Marketing (MKTG)
Public Policy and Management
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