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International managers need to have qualities such as drive and leadership. They need to be particularly good communicators and to be sensitive to different cultures and traditions. Learning a language to a high level and living and working abroad help to develop these qualities. Those who possess them are hugely valued by good employers.

IBML is a very special program. Student can study language and business on many degree courses. IBML has been designed so that various subjects support each other. In particular, part of business teaching is carried out in French, German or Spanish. This program aims to develop student's fluency, accuracy and confidence in using the language, both in business situations and more generally. Students will benefit from a sound, broad-based business education which covers marketing, economics operations management, accounting, finance, business strategy, and business environment. In the degree, students will learn how to identify his/her customers, how businesses can be organized, how to understand financial information and how businesses take account of the world's governments. All of these subjects are given and international dimension. Whether student have studied business already is not important. What matters is the students have good results and that student is willing to explore new subjects.

Program Outline
The integrated nature of the degree means that it has been designed as a whole, and the structure of it is the same, whichever languages students are taking.

Subject Guide
This program covers Comparative Accounting and Finance; Economic Environment of Business; Information Technology in Business; International Business Environment; Organizational behavior; Quantitative Techniques; Accounting for Business Decisions; Data Analysis and Modeling for Management; Marketing Management; Operations Management; International Marketing or International Operations; International Finance; International Business Economics; and Policy Analysis & Decision-Making.

Career Prospects
As an IBML graduate student will be ready for the challenge of a business career all over the world. Student's business expertise, cultural awareness and linguistic proficiency will be of particular value to National companies operating in International markets. The unique blend of language and business skills which graduates offer is recognized by a number of major companies which target IBML for their graduate management schemes.

Business Programs:
Accounting for Management (AFM)
Business and Management (BAM)
Business Administration
Business Computing and IT (BCIT)
Economics and Management (EAM)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
International Business and Economics (IBE)
International Business and Modern Languages (IBML)
International Business and Management (IBAM)
Managerial and Administrative Studies (MAS)
Marketing (MKTG)
Public Policy and Management
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