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Audiologists are health service professionals who are responsible for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing, balance and associated disorders in patients of all ages.

Audiology is a fast evolving and varied discipline. Individuals with an interest in biological sciences, psychology, physics, electronics, speech and language development research may find this field has a lot to offer them. Many Audiologists work in multidisciplinary teams, frequently liaising with medical, education, institution and research professions. A desire to work with and help people is essential and is an important component of the program.

Program Outline
A multidisciplinary approach to the training of audiologists is vital because the knowledge and clinical skills required cross many disciplines, including physiology, psychology, neuroscience, physics and medicine.

Students will be introduced to the relevant areas of Psychology and Biological Science and issues such as phonetics of English, principles of acoustics and hearing aids, audiological assessment, treatment of hearing loss and deafness in the wider community. Student will study issues related to Audiology in more depth including Assessment & Rehabilitation; Paediatric Audiology; Pathlogy of Hearing & Balance and Auditory Rehabilitation. Student will also acquire the core professional skills required by Audiologists. Programs are focused on preparing student for a professional career as an Audiologist and also allows student to undertake a major research project with research teams.

Subject Guide
This program covers Clinical Practice; Developmental Psychology; Statistics and Research Methods; Audiological Sciences; Audiological Instrumentation & Calibration; Counseling Skills for Audiologists; Auditory Assessments; Clinical Skills Laboratory; Rehabilitation & Audiological Practice; Core Professional Studies; Auditory and Vestibular Science; Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation; Paediatric Audiology; Pathology and Diagnosis of Hearing and Balance; Hearing Aids; Language and Communication; Health Psychology; Clinical Project in Audiology, Neurophysiology; Dissertation in Hearing Science; Advanced Auditory Rehabilitation.

Career Prospects
Qualified audiologist are highly demanded in hospitals, community based practice, and also audiological & neurosciences research.

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