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Applied an human biology is the study of life, from the simple organism to the complexity of the human species. By focusing on the study of the human being, this demanding and exciting program offer a revealing insight into the living world.

This degree program concentrate on the application of biological knowledge to human health and welfare, and place particular emphasis on biomedical and applied aspects of biology. The practical research and professional skills that student will develop will open up a wide range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

Program Outline
Broad coverage of the fundamental principles and practice of biology advanced courses in selected topics especially relevant to human biology, and the application of biological principles in biotechnology. Students choose any five subjects of particular interest and relevance to study in-depth in their final year, leading to the award of a BSc Honors Degree in Applied and Human Biology or to one of the specialist degrees listed under 'Specialist Biology Programs'.

Subject Guide
This program covers Biodiversity; Experimental Techniques; Development and Human Anatomy; Cell and Molecular Biology; Biology of Parasites; Genetics; Medical Microbiology; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology; Mycology; Human Physiology; Introductory Chemistry; IT Skills; Biological Basis of Human Disease; Biotechnology; Control of Metabolism; Genetic Engineering; Human Evolution; Immunology; Virology; Nutrition and Dietetics; Pharmacology; and Optional Modules.

Specialist Biology Programs in Addition to BSc Applied and Human Biology

This program offers three specialist degrees in addition to Broad Based Applied and Human Biology program which allow student to study a set of closely integrated specialist topics at an advanced level. This will allow student to acquire a broad foundation in biological sciences and provide an introduction to a range of topics that student may wish to choose. Student will also have the choice of applying to one of the four programs from the outset, or choosing a broad or specialist degree.

BSc Cell and Molecular Biology
With the recent sequencing of the human genome, advances in molecular and cellular biology are leading modern biology into exciting new areas of basic and applied research. There are many opportunities for graduates qualified in these areas for careers in biomedical research in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. This program concentrates particularly on biomedical aspects of cellular and molecular biology, for example the molecular basis of drug action. The program also provides a thorough grounding in the techniques of molecular biology, including an introduction to the newly emerging disciplines of bioinformatics and proteomics.

Student will study introductory courses in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, immunology and microbiology. Student will further take specialist modules drawn from molecular biology, toxicology and cancer chemotherapy.

BSc Human Biology
The human biology program covers subjects focus on human body and its function in health and disease. The key topics are human physiology, human behavior and mental health, clinical biochemistry, clinical endocrinology, and human toxicology. The aim of the program is to explore the interactions of the human body with environmental influences confronted during every day life.

The program explores questions such as: "What are the factors that most challenge normal bodily function and how do they impact upon physical and mental performance? How does the human body react and what are the implications for health and disease?"

Human Biology examines boundaries between physiology malfunction and pathology in order to investigate how disease processes are triggered by genetic and environmental characterizes that impair or over extend the capabilities of the body's wellbeing. The student will develop an understanding of how the body adapts and maintains stability and the consequences of inadequate adaptation, including disease risk factors and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Particular emphasis is placed on measurement of physiological issues, clinical biochemistry and molecular endocrinology.

The program is structured to include individual and team exercise, real life case studies and practical experience in laboratory techniques, data analysis and interpretation. The program provides a valuable preparation for a wide range of careers in science research, education, welfare services and health care industries.

BSc Infection and Immunity
The degree focuses on the study of infectious disease and the body's immune defenses against them. Student will develop a thorough understanding of medical microbiology and learn about microbial virulence mechanisms and host defenses. Student will also study how immunity can be modulated using vaccines and other forms of immunotherapy. This program allows student to study public health issues including food safety and hygiene diagnosis of infection, antibiotic resistance and newly-identified infectious diseases. Student will also develop a more detailed knowledge of the functioning of the immune system of health and disease. This will involve studying the cellular and molecular basis of immunity not only to infection, but also include the role of the immune system in cancer, allergies, inflammation and autoimmunity.

Many graduates of biology programs go on into research, while others entered a wide range of careers in health, welfare and the biological industries. They take up scientific, personal and general management positions, as well as employment in product development and marketing. Many graduates have found place in research, DNA analysts, clinical research, laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nutritional and brewing industries, environmental conservation and pollution control, medical journalism, scientific civil service, and teaching.

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