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Optometrists are professional clinicians responsible for many aspects of vision care. Optometrists undertake examination of the eye for four optical defects and correct defects using spectacle and contact lenses.

They assess functional disorders of the eye and visual systems, and can detect abnormalities that require medical attention.

This program offers an excellent integrated professional and scientific education in a optometry. It emphasizes clinical practice and provides an ideal training for careers in private practice, hospitals or research.

Program Outline
This program will give student a firm scientific basis on which to build more detailed work. Student will explore two main areas, Mamely Optics (Relating to the eye, lenses and optical instrumentation) and human biology (general aspects and more specialize study of the functions of the visual system).

Subject Guide
This program covers Biomedical Sciences; Clinical Optometry; Clinical Visual Optics; Human Biology; Optics and Medical Imaging; Vision and Visual Perception; Contact Lenses; Ophthalmic Optics; Visual Biology; Vision Science and Research Methods; Anterior Eye Therapeutics; Abnormal Ocular Conditions; Binocular Vision; Low Vision and Paediatric Optometry; Ophthalmic Drugs; Occupational and Professional Studies; and Optional Modules.

Career Prospects
Graduates of Optometry career prospects in private practice as an employ of a large optical company, hospital, the optical industry, optical research, and any other career recreating high quality graduates.

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