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Pharmacists are professional health scientists whose expertise spans all aspects of medicines. Pharmacists need to have a complete understanding of medicines - how they are synthesized and manufactured in to products suitable for patient use; how they act upon the body; the appropriate choice in different disease states; the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases; the law relating to medicines and their use; medicines management issues such as prescribing advice to doctors and pharmacist prescribing.

The program is pioneered and integrated which links professional and clinical studies to a core science course built around the key pharmaceuticals disciplines. current changes in the health professions offered new opportunities for pharmacists e.g. prescribing and patient care. This program help Student to develop the skills needed to maximize their career opportunities - practical, analytical, communication, learning and specialist professional skills.

Program Outline
Student will develop their knowledge of basic scientific principles that underpin pharmacy. Student will also begin their professional studies complemented by courses in IT application and career skills. This program encompasses the chemistry of different blood groups, their related biological actions and mechanism of action, and the methods of their formulation as medicines. Student's professional studies will include dispensing an introduction to pharmacy law and the organization and the structure of health services. This program further concentrate upon the major pharmaceutical disciplines with an integrated study of drugs, including their mechanism of action and use in disease states. Students professional studies include modules on pharmacy law professional ethics and health and life style. The program also focuses on the clinical use of medicines and the optimization of the use of medicines for individual patients.

Subject Guide
The course includes Cell Biology & Medical Microbiology; Medicinal Chemistry; Human Physiology; Principles of Pharmaceuticals (preparation and formulation of medicines); Dispensing; Quantitative Methods and IT; Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Asepsis; Pharmacology (Biological actions of medicines); Immunology; Medicinal Chemistry; Biochemistry & Phytochemistry; Pharmaceutical Formulations; Introduction to Law & Dispensing; Chemotherapy; Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering; Drug Metabolism & Drug Analysis; Drug Delivery; Pharmacokinetics; Social Pharmacy; Health & Life Style; Pharmacy Law and Ethics; Ethical Decision Making; Clinical Pharmacy; Evidence Based Medicine; and Optional Studies.

Career Prospects
Progression to employment is excellent. Students with pharmacy degree who wish to work have a wide range of choices. Graduates can work as pharmacists in hospitals and other health related areas.

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