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Everyday products in the world we enjoy require the skill of a Chemical Engineer. Student will be in an enviable position, trained to ensure the safe and profitable production of the chemicals and materials required to create products such as clothing, food, medicine, transport and home entertainment systems.

Chemical Engineers are very much at the forefront of working to improve the quality of our lives. Chemical Engineering is a challenging and fascinating profession with extensive career opportunities. As a Chemical Engineer student will combine a detailed knowledge of chemistry with an understanding of engineering principles in order to design, construct and operate chemical process plants.


Programs Outlines
BEng Chemical Engineering is a well-established program, which includes modules on business environment, management and the opportunity to develop and apply problem solving skills. Subjects including energy efficiency are an integral part of the course.

Subject Guide
This program covers Chemical Engineering Operations; Design of Chemical Processes and Equipment; Process Economics; Management; Mathematical Techniques; Computing; Thermodynamics; Process Instrumentation; Organic Chemistry; Chemical Kinetics; Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Heat; Process Simulation; Process Control and Safety; Reaction Engineering; Strength of Materials; Advanced Chemical Engineering Operations; Advance Transfer Processes; Pollution Prevention and Control; Design Problem; Process Economics; Management; Process Dynamics; Reaction Engineering; Pharmaceutical Process; and optional options.


Program Outlines
Building on the BEng program, this is an extended, broader-based qualification of academic study. The MEng is a challenging and demanding program which will take student deeper into student's subject and enable student to progress more readily after graduation to Chartered Engineer (CEng) status. The program is enhanced by additional subjects including innovation management, process synthesis, advanced process simulation and a major research project. An emphasis on group work will student develops further the extensive range of skills required by the professional engineer.

Subject Guide
Students are required to undertake a major research project and a sustainability project to gain student's MEng status. Additional modules include Advance Process Simulation and variety of advanced options.

Career Prospects
In addition to the traditional oil and chemical based industries student will be well equipped to go into a wide range of careers including food production, pollution control, environmental protection, energy conservation, waste recovery and recycling, medical science, health and safety, alternative energy sources, resource conservation, research, management and consultancy.

Enhanced BEng Chemical Engineering Programs

Combine the core element of Chemical Engineering with a substantial specialism in a related discipline. Command the attention of prospective employers with skills beyond the scope of the more traditional courses. These programs, designed to appeal to students and employers alike, allow student to devote approximately one third of student's study time to a specialist subject.

BEng Chemical Engineering
Management Studies
In modern industry a sound understanding of business and management principles is critical for rapid career progression. Commercial awareness is vital at all stages of the product cycle. This program is designed to provide student with business and management modules.

BEng Chemical Engineering
Energy and Environment
The chemical and process industries are heavy users of energy, with major environmental impacts. These related aspects are assuming great importance. Student will specialize in environment and energy-related topics such as the efficient generation and use of energy, sustainable processes, pollution management, environmental impact assessment and environmental modeling.

BEng Chemical Engineering
Computer Simulation
Computer modeling and simulation are indispensable for chemical engineers wishing to carry out process design and optimization. In the first and second years of this program student will study predominantly the conventional chemical engineering subjects, but in its later stages student will study topics related to computer simulation such as reactor modeling, computational fluid dynamics, flowsheeting energy analysis and pinch technology. Hands-on experience in simulation techniques will be offered.

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