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Design in collaboration with industry, this program offers a broadly based engineering education, specialist skills and knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electrical engineering. Emphasis is placed on the use of digital processor technology in instrumentation, systems and product design. It is an ideal preparation for careers in the energy and power, industrial processing and electromechanical industries, areas where graduated have found lucrative careers over for many years.

Program Outline
This program helps in gaining a broad insight into the fundamental disciplines of mechanical, electrical and design engineering. This program is structured to suit student from all backgrounds. The program also will incorporate a combination of core material and elective modules, ranging from power systems to quality engineering. Electives will give students the opportunity to study areas of particular personal interest or professional relevance in the electromechanical field. The project can involve design, experimental or analytical work.

Throughout this program business and communication skills which will enhance student's ability to write and present technical essays and reports are emphasized. This multidisciplinary approach provides an ideal preparation for a career in the energy, industrial processing and electromechanical industries as well as consultancy and business.

Subject Guide
This program covers Mathematics; Electrical Sciences; Mechanics; Energy and Fluid Mechanics; Materials and Processes; Design; Communications; IT; Business Studies; Accounting; Engineering Applications; Structures; Dynamics; Thermodynamics and Fluids; Control Systems; Measurement and Instrumentation; Electrical Machines; Project Management; Quality Engineering; Product Modeling; Power Systems; Power Electronics; Finite Element Analysis; Vibrations & Rotor Dynamics; Advanced Control Engineering; Engineering Systems; Energy Efficiency; Electroheat; Thermodynamics & Fluids; Heat Transfer; Operations Strategy.

Career Prospects
The benefits of designing this program in co-operation with industry have been amply illustrated by graduates rapidly progressing to senior management posts in a wide range of industries. Even graduates have taken up posts in research and design, electricity supply industries, consulting, manufacturing, nuclear power, and marketing.

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