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Do you get excited by the wider range of electronic gadgets you see around you? So many seem essential to the way we work and play. Where would we be without a 'chip and pin' card? Are you lost without a 'mobile camera phone'? Could we live without that 'remote control'?

This Electronic Product Design Program capitalizes in the universal market penetration of electronic products and gadgets, most of which contain embedded programmable microelectronic devices. Yet so much more remains to be done, in the invention and design of new products, in the use of new technologies, and through enhancing the performance or function of the existing products.

So, do you sometimes say to yourself 'I could design that - and better!' If the answer is yes then the Electronic Product Design is for you.

Program Outline
Student will gain expertise in digital and programmable electronics and be able to use their knowledge of materials, production processes, and technology to create products in which electronics and computing are an essential integral part. This program aims to encourage student's creative thinking, to develop students design visualization skills, to expand student's knowledge, confidence and professional values, so that student can move into a successful career in innovative product design where electronics is the key.

Subject Guide
This program covers Digital Electronics; Programming; Communications; Industrial Design; Mechanical Engineering; Business & Professional Studies; Digital, Programmable & Analogue Electronics; Internet Programming; Circuits; Industrial Design; Materials; Modeling; Networked Products; Project Management, and many extra options.

Career Prospects
Graduates trained in the design of electronic hardware, computer software, and mechanical, materials, information and communication technologies prove to be highly attractive to employers and can expect to find positions as technical professionals in companies both large and small, world wide. Graduates can expect to find employment in a wide range of industrial sectors where electronic design and communications form the basis of their products and frequently progress rapidly to positions of responsibility with high levels of remuneration.

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