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Are student excited by high speed communications networks and instant multimedia access to information from around the world? Or by electronic systems designed to give time critical responses to the highest reliability? Do student want to work at the leading edge of computing technology? Electronic Systems Engineering is a challenging program developed in close collaboration with industry, to provide student with the skills required in electronics, telecommunications, management and computing, and to work at the top level of the systems design.

Program Outline
This program helps student to develop extensive professional knowledge and skill, and understanding of electronic systems, economic awareness and the engineering knowledge to the master technological change. Built on a solid foundation in electronic engineering, it encompasses additional studies in project management and computing it then extends student to higher level through specialist telecommunications and computing courses. A demanding program - but its graduates command respect and rapidly progress senior posts in industry.

Subject Guide
This program covers Concepts of Electronics; Concepts of Electronic Engineering; Computing; Communications and the Internet; Mathematics; Business and Professional Studies; Electronic System Design; Communication Systems; Software Engineering; Principles of Systems Engineering; Signals and Systems; Computing and Control; Signal Processing ; Digital Transmission Systems; and Digital Systems Architecture and Control Systems.

Career Prospects
Well Known Companies around the world are keen to employ the electrical systems engineering graduates. The programs specialisms in telecommunications, networks, computing and systems design make it particularly attractive in these fields, which continue to suffer a shortage of talented engineers. And an emphasis in competitive team projects on the course makes student a 'team player', a characteristics much in demand in industry.

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