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Logistics is concerned with the flow of materials in the supply chain, from source through the total industrial process to the customer, and then on to disposal or reuse/re-cycling. By co-coordinating all resources, logistics ensures that service levels are acceptable to customers. This program will provide student with a detailed understanding and knowledge of logistics and its place in all types of industries. The range of professional and general management skills help for the development of careers in logistics and many other areas of graduate employment.

Program Outline
Students will examine all aspects of logistics, covering the whole spectrum of the 'supply chain'. Students will achieve this through studying human resource management, financial management, systems analysis and information technology. Logistics is sometimes referred to as 'the time-related positioning of resources', since it is involved in each stage of a product's or service's life.

Course Guide
This program includes Introduction to Logistics; Principles of Transport Planning; Principles of Economic; Principles of Business Management; Marketing; Data Analysis; Development and Regulation of Transport Activity; Law; Financial Accounting; Literature Review Project; Planning and Controlling Logistics; Air Transport; European Transport; IT; Management Accounting; Maritime Transport; Operations Research; Project Management; Services Marketing; Vehicle Fleet Operation; Inventory Control; Outbound & Reverse Logistics; and Facilities Design and Management. This course also includes Human Resource Management; E-commerce; Rail Transport; Service Logistics; Business Statistics; Transport Economics; Inbound Logistics; Manufacturing Logistics; and Supply Chain Control.

Career Prospects
Logistics occurs in all industries and, by its very nature, it the key to their efficiency and effectiveness. Consequently there are excellent career prospects for logistics graduates, The breadth and depth of this program will give student a head start in student's chosen career. This program graduates has wide range of employment opportunities in Logistics and distribution divisions of manufacturers, the retail industry, freight forwarders, the health services, road freight hauliers, local and central government consultants, third-party distribution companies, parcel delivery services, consultants, manufacturing logistics, procurement divisions of companies and even in armed forces.

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