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The applications of computers to machines, advances in materials technology and process development and the use of micro-electronic control systems have revolutionized the engineer's role. The challenges and rewards for skilled engineers who can design, manufacture and manage products and processes are greater that ever. This program will help students reach the professional and intellectual standards required for an exciting and rewarding career in a wide variety of industries. Information Technology is used to underpin programs and commercial software is used for design and system simulation.


Program Outlines
This program encompasses a broad study of the fundamental disciplines of mechanical, electrical and design engineering. It is structured to suit students from all backgrounds. The flexible structure of degrees enables transfer between Mechanical and ElectroMechanical Engineering programs. This program also incorporates a combination of core materials and elective modules, which will give students the opportunity to study areas of particular personal interest or professional relevance.


Program Outlines
An extended, broader-based qualification requiring four years of academic study. The MEng is a challenging and demanding program which will take students deeper into the subject. The MEng program is enhanced by additional modules in Design, Engineering Management, Project Management, Environmental Impact and Health and Safety Management. Industry-based projects and an emphasis on group work will help students to develop further the extensive range of skills required of the professional engineer.

Graduate opportunities exist in the fields of research, development and design; manufacturing systems engineering; advanced technology and computer-aided design; accountancy, management marketing. Graduates can work for automotive, aerospace and electronics companies, pharmaceutical and chemical organizations and computer software houses.


This program stream aids to bridge the gap between Mechanical Engineering and Product Design, for students who wish to incorporate additional design-led modules within a technical Mechanical Engineering context.

Subject Guide
This program covers Mathematics; Electrical Sciences; Mechanics; Energy and Fluid Mechanics; Materials and Processes; Design; Communications; IT; Business Studies; Accounting; Engineering Applications; Structures; Dynamics; Thermodynamics and Fluids; Control Systems; Measurement and Instrumentation; Quality Engineering; Product Modeling; Project Management; Main Project; Sensors and Actuators; Control Systems; Design Failure Analysis; Operation Strategy; Financial Reporting; Energy Efficiency.

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