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Are student passionate about new ideas? Do student get excited when student discuss what would student like to make? To design is to create something new. This requires innovative thinking. Looking at products do student sometimes say, "I could have designed this better"? Do student want to work in an innovative an enterprising arena that would challenge student's creative and problem solving abilities? This program offers student all these opportunities.

Program Outlines
This design program is stimulating, relevant, challenging and rewarding. This program aims to provide student with the knowledge of materials, production processes and technology as well as skills and aesthetics, ergonomics and management that will enable student to develop successful career in design.

These aims include:

  1. developing student's understanding of the significance of design of the profitability of business, commerce and the economy as a whole
  2. continual development of relevant skills including presentations and team working which are sought after by employers
  3. expanding student's knowledge, confidence, professional values and attitudes essential for a successful career in product design
    Engineering Product Design

Subject Guide
This program covers Materials and Processes; Design Principles; Industrial Design; Communications and CAT; Mathematics; IT; Sustainable Process Technology; Business Environment; Financial Accounting; Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals; Project Modeling; New Product Proposal; Design for Manufacture; Design Project; Ergonomics; Quality Engineering; Advanced CAD; Design Failure Analysis; and Projects.

Engineering Product Design
The design program places a greater emphasis of the engineering basis of the Product design and includes specialist modules in mechanics, materials, engineering technologies and electronics.

Subject Guide
Besides above mentioned subject guides there are some extra subject guides for Engineering Product Design they are: Design of Machine Elements; Engineering Materials; Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals; Electrics for Designers; Energy Efficiency; Environmental Management and Audit.

Industrial Product Design
The wide spectrum of design work undertaken has a strong focus on the interface of consumer products with their users. Specialists modules in Aesthetics, Ergonomics and marketing are underpinned by Design Principles and Projects, an ideal balance between creative and technical design skills.

Subject Guide
Besides above mentioned subject guides there are some extra subject guides for Industrial Product Design they are: Engineering Materials; Aesthetics; Professional Skills; Innovation Management; Market Analysis; Environmental Management and audit.

Product Design and Management
The management of Product Design is a rapidly developing career. Student will acquire business management skill together with other Product Design modules. This specialism will appeal to those designers who wish to work across a broad range of business functions and design opportunities.

Subject Guide
Besides above mentioned subject guides there are some extra subject guides for Product Design & Management they are: Management Accounting; Marketing Principles; Law; Innovation Management; Human Resource Management; Manufacturing Logistics; Market Analysis; Environmental Management and Audit.

Sustainable Product Design
Environmental issues form a central element opportunity to practice design that enables 'good' enterprises to grow and flourish. Sustainability in the design, manufacture, usage and eventual disposal of products is becoming a legal and ethical requirement in 21st century industry and with program aims to reflect these issues within a design framework.

Subject Guide
Besides above mentioned subject guides there are some extra subject guides for Sustainable Product Design they are: Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Economics and Law; Environmental Management and Audit; Energy Supply and Distribution; Clean Technology; Energy Efficiency; Market Analysis; Risk Assessment.

Medical Product Design
This innovative design program aims to utilize the latest technologies as well as develop high level design skills in the vital, rapidly expanding medical product industry. Student will develop expertise and an excellent practical knowledge base for the design requirements of products in the medical field.

Subject Guide
Besides above mentioned subject guides there are some extra subject guides for Medical Product Design they are: Engineering Materials; Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals; Electrics & Electronics for Designers; Physiology & Anatomy; Regulation and Social Impact of New Technologies in Biomedicine; Sensors, Actuators and Advanced Sensory Systems.

Automotive Product Design
A fast moving and rapidly developing product design sector. This new program will encompass a wide range of design opportunities using a mix of technological applications and innovation with function and style.

Subject Guide
Besides above mentioned subject guides there are some extra subject guides for Automotive Product Design they are: Health& Safety in Vehicle Design; Aesthetics; Automotive Instrumentation & Control; Automotive Technology; Operations Strategy; Manufacturing Logistics; Automotive Technology.


This program stream aims to bridge the gab between Mechanical Engineering and Product Design, for students who wish to incorporate additional design-led modules within a technical Mechanical Engineering context.

Career opportunities exist for graduates in design, general management and consultancy, technology, engineering and education areas where most graduates have been over many years. Students become able to demonstrate creative design skills alongside sound technical knowledge and experience, a balance which employers consider to be an advantage.

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