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Transport and distribution are of crucial importance to our economy and society, and is being brought sharper into focus with issues such as congestion and public transport in the news virtually every day. Transport Management Program examines the economic, operational, societal and environmental issues related to the transport and distribution industries.

Coupled with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the transport and distribution industries, students will gain the professional, academic and management skills necessary to enter any sector of the industry, and to move between sector of the industry, and to move between sectors during student's career. Student's management skills will also prepare student for a large number of alternative graduate jobs.

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This program covers Introduction to Logistics; Principles of Transport Planning; Principles of Economics; Principles of Business Management; Marketing; Data Analysis; Development and Regulation of Transport Activity; Law; Financial Accounting; IT; Literature Review Project; Planning and Controlling Logistics; Air Transport; European Transport; Management Accounting; Maritime Transport; Operations Research; Project Management; Service Marketing; Vehicle Fleet Operation; Environmental Management; Environmental Evaluation; Transport Planning Systems; Human Resource Management; Passenger Service Provision; Political Institution and Sustainability; Highways Engineering; Rail Transport; Service Logistics; Business Statistics; Transport Economics; Investigative Projects.


This program is designed as a general management degree, using examples, illustrations and case studies from the transport and distribution industries. Student's studies will incorporate all the relevant management skills; accounting, marketing, human resources and operations management. All are set within the context of the transport related industries, including passenger and freight modes. Student's business skills will also be enhanced by courses such as economics, data analysis, operations research, computing and information management.


Transport Planning Program helps student to develop an understanding of the physical and economic processes involved in Transport Planning and the efficient use of land resources together with the essential resource links between those land uses, including the application and use of Geographical Information Systems. In addition, students will study relevant management skills such as accounting, marketing and human resources. Typical employers include central and local government, consultants in land use transportation and communications, and those private employers with significant commitment to land use development.

The tremendous growth and changes in transport activity have created an increased demand for transport managers. Career prospect for Transport Management Program graduates is good. Graduates are mostly employed by distribution divisions of manufacturers, bus, rail and airline companies, airport and shipping authorities, shipping lines, road freight hauliers, local and central government and transport consultants.

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