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Program Outline
English Language is a new and innovative program which aims to provide student with a theoretical knowledge and understanding of the English language, how it works in society and its role in the world today. It will also help student to develop their own communication skills. The study gives student a broad introduction to language and meaning and the role of language in society.

Subject Guide
Introduction to English Language and Communication; Introduction to English in Society; Introduction to Linguistics; Introduction to Functional Grammar; Words and Meaning; Language at Work; Introduction to Terminology; Language and Identity in Nation Building; Language and Gender; Corpus Linguistics; Business Meetings and Presentations; Culture and Communication; Culture and Commitment; Globalization.

Career Prospects
Potential career for graduates include: publishing, linguistic computing, journalism, law, the Civil Service, the media (including advertising, marketing and public relations) and information technology (including library work), as well as teaching.

Social Science Programs:
English Language
International Relations
Political Science
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