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Politics is concerned with the study of government and political action in general. Analysis is made of political ideas, institutions and events from both a contemporary and historical standpoint. Extensive teaching of Politics covers concepts, theories and methods. Drawing on acquired knowledge, students learn how to address critical questions of public interest, at local, regional, national or international level. Intellectual and transferable skills may be put to good use in a variety of professions in the public and private sectors.

Program Outlines
This programs emphasizes on the Political Background of the World, comparative politics and policies, international relations, political theory and modern history of the world.

Subject Guide
The course covers Politics as an Academic Discipline in its Own Right; World's Political Integration with a Focus on the Present; The Politics and the International Relations of the Twentieth-Century; Basic Notions of Political Economy; Comparative Government; The Historical Political Thoughts; Social Studies; and A Politics Research Dissertation.

Career Prospects
Graduates of politics are highly regarded by the employers around the world who are looking for well qualified graduates with a wider knowledge of politics, international relations, legal or social policy issues.

Social Science Programs:
English Language
International Relations
Political Science
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