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If you are one of the many students taking a foreign language course either that be Chinese, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Russian or any other, you may be satisfied with little more than a passing grade. But if you’d like to earn a top grade – and, more importantly, if you’d like to actually be able to put your language skills to good use eventually – here are some tips that might help you to fully learn.

Learn Each Concept
Make sure you understand each lesson or unit before tackling the next. In particular, most textbooks and classes take a sequential approach to grammar. If you don’t understand how to use direct-object and indirect-object pronouns, for example, you’re less likely to understand the concept of reflexive verbs.

Read other Materials
If your textbook or your teacher doesn’t make a concept clear, perhaps a different approach can. Reference books can be used for this purpose.

Exposure is good
Visit websites in your new language. Watching movies or videos in you new language can help you learn how words are really pronounced, even if you can understand little at first. Purchase magazines written in your new language. Music can also be useful as a learning aid, although you need to be aware lyrics can be frustratingly difficult to understand both because unusual vocabulary or word order are sometimes used to make the words fit the music.

Correct Pronunciation
Poor Pronunciation habits can be hard to break, and your efforts to make yourself understandable will be appreciable.

Converse with native speakers
A native speakers can help you with pronunciation and give you immediate feedback. You can also get the opportunity to learn some slang and other colloquial usage that aren’t in your text book.

Have fun
For most people, learning is inherently enjoyable, watch any preschooler to see how natural learning can be. Look for ways to make language learning exciting, whether it’s following one of the above bits of advice or coming up with a creative way of you own.

Hopefully these tips will not give you the grade you seek, but also provide you with a lifelong skill that will enrich your life.

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