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Instructions about the method to get admission in Danish Universities

Depending upon the level of study and the program chosen, the admission requirements, application procedures and deadline for submitting application may vary in Denmark.

Admission Requirements
Admission requirements vary according to level of study and program chosen. The requirements for admission are listed with respect to study level below:

Undergraduate Programs
International students are eligible for admission to undergraduate programs if they hold qualifications comparable to a Danish qualifying examination.

It is advised to contact the respected institution where they would like to seek admission in order to hear more about their specific admission requirements as admission requirement may also vary institution to institution.

All programs require a high proficiency in English. For admission to programs in Danish, student must also prove sufficient command of Danish by taking The Study test of Danish as a Foreign or The Danish Test 2. Some programs may even require that student have passed The Danish Test. Moreover, some of the study programs have additional admission requirements, such as specific subjects or level of subjects, practical work experience etc.

Post Graduate Programs
Admission requirements for master programs are:

  1. An internationally recognized bachelor's degree of good standard or equivalent qualifications
  2. Proficiency in English
  3. Proficiency in Danish if the program is taught in Danish.

PhD Programs
Admission requirements for PhD studies are at least a master level qualification recognized internationally.

Admission Procedures
The application procedures and deadlines may vary according to level of study, program chosen and from institution to institution.

Degree programs
If student wish to take a full degree at a higher education institution in Denmark, they should require information about entrance qualifications, supplementary tests and the possibilities of transfer of credits from the admission offices at the institutions, where they seek admission.

Undergraduate studies
The deadline for admission in August or September is the 15th of March. A few institutions also offer admission in January or February with deadline the 1st of September. The application forms are available at the institutions about 2 months before deadline.

Postgraduate studies
The deadlines for the different programs vary, and student should therefore always contact the relevant institution for further information.

For further information, please contact the higher education institutions directly.

Summer University
Several higher education institutions offer summer courses taught in English. The application deadlines for summer university courses vary, and student should therefore contact the relevant institution for further information.

Note: Each institution is responsible for admission. Student are therefore requested to contact the educational institution where they are seeking admission for information about entrance qualifications, supplementary tests, and the possibilities of transfer of credits. The admission offices at the institutions will provide all information requested by student.

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