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Living Cost for International Students in Finland

In an average, the student living cost in Finland is high in comparison to its European neighbours. The cost of living in main cities like Helsinki can be even more higher. Students must be careful and must have special consideration while planning to study in Finland regarding high living cost that includes food, rent, health care, study materials, transportation, insurance, and any other costs . It is very difficult to support the living expenses, especially for the students from the Developing Asian and African Countries. If any financial assistance, grants or any scholarship is not awarded to students, it will be very difficult to maintain normal life standard. One of the way to support living expenses is to work in Finland up to 20 hours a week. But it is very difficult to find jobs in Finland as the unemployment rate is high and most of the employer seek the people who know Finnish language.

It is estimated that international student need around US Dollar USD 850 to maintain the normal student life standard in Finland. This amount may vary according to the area where student going to reside. The cost of accommodation, and other services will vary according to place they stay. In cities, it is obvious to be more expensive to live than in villages. If student will cook food for themselves in their own apartments, then considerable sum of money can be saved. It is compulsory to become member of the student union for the students studying at Bachelor's and Master's degree level. Student Union will charge from USD 55 to USD 115 as a annual membership fee which entitles the student to a number of benefits including but not limited to health services, subsidized meals, cheap travel options and other discounts.

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