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List of Universities offering Civil Engineering course in United Kingdom (UK).

This is not the complete list of universities that offer Civil Engineering course in Britain. However, we have tried mentioning as much universities as possible that are popular among international students for study civil engineering in Britain. Here listed universities are from all four states - England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland - of UK.

  1. University of Manchester, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
  2. Imperial College, Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering
  3. University of Southampton, School of Civil Engineering and Environment
  4. Bristol University, Department of Civil Engineering
  5. Loughborough University, Building and Civil Engineering
  6. The University of Sheffield, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
  7. Queen's University Belfast, School of Civil Engineering
  8. University of Surrey, The School of Engineering - Civil
  9. The University of Nottingham, School of Civil Engineering
  10. University of Edinburgh, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  11. University of Birmingham, Civil Engineering Department
  12. Newcastle University, Department of Civil Engineering
  13. University of Dundee, Department of Civil Engineering
  14. University of Portsmouth, Civil Engineering Department
  15. Bradford University, Engineering, Design and Technology
  16. Nottingham Trent, Civil Engineering Construction
  17. Leeds University, The school of Civil Engineering
  18. University of Bath, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  19. University College London, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  20. Heriot-Watt University, The School of Built Environment
  21. University of Liverpool, Department of Civil Engineering
  22. Coventry University
  23. University of Plymouth
  24. Cardiff University, School of Engineering
  25. Napier University, School of Engineering and Built Environment
  26. University of Strathclyde
  27. University of Salford, School of Computing, Science and Engineering
  28. Kingston University, Faculty of Engineering
  29. City University, School of Engineering and Mathematical Science
  30. University of Glasgow, Department of Civil Engineering
  31. Leeds Metropolitan University
  32. University of East London, Department of Civil Engineering
  33. University of Brighton, Civil Engineering Department

This is not the complete list of universities in UK.
For complete list: List of Universities in UK

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