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Test of English as a Foreign Language - shortly known as TOEFL, widely mispronounced as TOFEL, is an examination through which the proficiency of English Language of non-English speakers is tested. Most of the Universities or Colleges of United States of America (USA) asks for the score report of TOEFL before permitting you to get admission in their institution. The score you must secure depends on the requirement of the particular university or college that you have chosen. It varies from one institution to another. The main purpose of TOEFL is that it shows your ability to study your subject in English language.

It you have no good knowledge about English language then it is better for you to take English Language course before attending the TOEFL. Start learning as soon as possible before you have decided to have a test. Studying in a regular basis, little by little may be better than learning the large amount of information at once. Every practice you do on English is helpful. You may practice English with your friends, family, you may also study English publications, watch English programs including Hollywood Movies and Listen to the world broadcast of BBC Radio. This will help you develop your English language quickly and properly.

Many TOEFL preparation material are available in the Market which are easily accessible. Even in the internet you may practice many tests similar as TOEFL. You may even consult with the test experts before attending the test. Some one who have already taken the test may also help you. If you are planning to take the test then TOEFL section of this website may also help you.

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