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These are the sample questions that the consular may ask you when you go to face a visa interview

  1. Why you choose the specified University?
  2. Which Universities did you apply to (both admits and rejects)?
  3. Where did you Intermediate from? (For student intending to study Under Graduate level)

    Where did you Undergraduates from? (For student intending to study Post Graduate level)
  4. Who is sponsoring/financing you?
  5. What does your parents do?
  6. What is your family's annual income?
  7. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  8. Do you have any relatives in .... (country you want to go)?
  9. Why don't  you do this course in your country?
  10. What will you do after completing your study?
  11. Why Study in .... (country you want to go)?
  12. Did you got Scholarships?
  13. Have you got any Loans?
  14. What is your Intermediate GPA/Percentage? (For student intending to study Under Graduate level)

    What is your Undergraduate GPA/Percentage? (For student intending to study Post Graduate level)
  15. If Parents retired? How will they pay?
  16. Tell about your university.
  17. Where is your university located?
  18. What is the nearest airport?
  19. Mention some professor names.
  20. Tell me how can you prove that you are coming back?
  21. Where did your brother/parents completed their studies?
  22. Why are you leaving your current job? (For job holders)
  23. Have you ever been to .... (country you want to go) ?
  24. What will you do after coming back to Home?
  25. You have so...brothers and sisters so your parents saving is for all how will they finance..?
  26. Where do your parents live [If they live in .... (country you want to go)]?
  27. Do you know anyone [in .... (country you want to go)] in your University?
  28. Do you know anyone in .... (country you want to go)?
  29. What will you do if your Visa is rejected?
  30. Will you come back to home during summers?
  31. What do you think, Why University is giving Scholarship to you?
  32. If you scored less marks in past exams, you may be asked for the reason, why its less?

These are the most possible questions asked for every visa candidate during a visa interview. But, these are the most general questions only, therefore you might not be asked any of these question. But get prepared for the questions mentioned below.

Here are some sample questions for F1 Visa Interview:
F1 Visa Interview Questions

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