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Process to obtain German Student Visa for international students

Do students need to apply for a visa if students want to study in Germany?

EU citizens and citizens from some other countries (Honduras, Island, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the United States) do not need a visa to enter Germany. Everybody else must apply for a visa for study purposes via the German diplomatic representation in their home country. Students must not under any circumstances travel to Germany on a tourist visa. If students have intention to study in Germany but have Tourist Visa then Tourist visa cannot be transformed into Student or Applicant visa.

What conditions must students meet in order to get a student visa for study purposes?

  1. Students must possess a passport valid for the entire period of their proposed stay in Germany
  2. Students must present their notification of admission to a German higher education institution or preparatory course (Studienkolleg).
  3. Students must prove that he/she have sufficient financial means at their disposal. Further information is available from the German diplomatic representation in student's home country.

Can Students get a visa if they have not yet been admitted to a German higher education institution?

Yes, they can apply for a study applicant visa which is valid for 3 months and which can be converted into a full-fledged study visa for academic and research purposes after they have been admitted to a higher education institution.

Do Students need a visa if they wish to attend a language course in Germany?

Yes, students would need the language course visa. However it is only valid for the duration of the language course and cannot be converted into a visa for study purposes.

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