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    Process that you must follow to get transferred from one university to another during your study in United States

    If you are the international student looking for the procedures on how you can transfer from your current university to another. Then here is the procedure that can guide you to get transferred.

    1. If you have got F-1 or J-1 type visa, it is impossible for you to transfer from one university to another without joining the university for which you have got the student visa.
    2. Once you get enrolled in your university and studying at least for one semester, you can transfer your I-20 or DS-2019 (depending on your visa type) to another university of your choice.
    3. Be careful that most of the universities accept transfers and allow to join their university up to15 days before the classes start.
    4. You must report your current university’s international student office before you get transferred and simultaneously also you need to inform the international student office of your new intended university.
    5. You need to send a copy of current I-20 ID (your student copy) and I-94 card to the “Office of International Services” of your new intended university.
    6. After you inform to your current university, they will complete the enclosed “Transfer Recommendation Form” and then will mail or fax it to the International Student Office at the new university. They will also “release” you SEVIS record to the new university.
    7. You must wait till your new university is not ready to enroll you in their university as a transferred student.
    8. Once you get approval to join the new university, and after you receive the release date from your current university, you will get your new I-20. (The new I-20 should indicate "Continued Attendance" on Page 1 and "Transfer Completed" on Page 3. If the I-20 says "transfer pending", then you must understand that immigration transfer process has not been completed yet).
    9. With your new I-20, now you are eligible to join new university. Once you reach to your new university, you must visit “The Office of International Services” with all necessary documents like your passport, I-20, I-94, etc. Then you need to fill out the form for registration.
    10. “The International Student Office” must promptly report university transfer to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in order to complete the legal procedure of changing the university.

    Once USCIS changes its record, your university transfer process will complete.

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